Redefining wireless motion sensor

Detects peoples' indoor location, posture, and body temperature with easy setup, safeguarding privacy

but powerful.

The Butlr Sensors are designed with the most advanced edge computing technologies to deliver unparallel spatial insights

Flexible and dependable

The eraser size sensor with the state of the art algorithm measures occupancy, headcount, and posture in almost any built-environment.


One Size Fits All

Respect Privacy

Sophisticated technologies operate in the user’s periphery—not at the center of their attention, while safeguarding privacy. With its lightweight and smart design, the Butlr Sensor can be placed anywhere—from an elevator, a train carriage, to a restroom.

100% Wireless

Powered by the advanced network and edge compression algorithm Butlr designs, the extremely low power system design propels >24 months battery life in almost all use cases.

Wide Coverage

With its plug-and-play design, installing the Butlr Sensor is now easier than hanging a frame. The 110 degree FOV specialty lens empowers the sensor to have 1000sqft coverage at 12ft height.

Scalable API

The world's first and only real-time solution that detects occupancy, headcount, posture, and temperature simultaneously.

[core api module]

Position and Temperature

The basic API modules offer indoor coordinate detection accuracy within 30cm installed at a 2.5m ceiling. The surface temperature reading sensitivity is + /- 0.5°C

[hEALTH and assisted living api module]

Always there
for the ones we care about.

The assisted living module provides [Moving Speed], [Calories Burned], [Sleep Status] and [Fall Alert] API to analyze the wellbeing of your loved ones without any additional device attached to them.

[retail and public space api module]

begin with us.

Maintaining business continuity and understand your customer better. The retail module provides [Dwell time] API to help managers automate queue, occupancy control, and understand foot traffic better.

[SMART LIVING api module]

Responsive environments that understand users.

Understand the user's needs while safeguarding their anonymity.The smart living module provides [Posture] and [Presence] API support.