Discover the power of spatial intelligence

Butlr's sensor in a white background

Discover the power of spatial intelligence

The world’s only 100% wireless, anonymous people counting and occupancy detection platform.


Discover the power of
spatial intelligence

Image of butlr's motion sensor Butlr's sensor in a white background

The world’s only 100% wireless, anonymous people counting and occupancy detection platform.

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Privacy, Accuracy, Versatility

Meet the Butlr Platform

Butlr is a private-by-design people sensing platform using body heat to detect occupancy, headcount and activity, and generate accurate, real-time and historical spatial insights.

Set up as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Connect Hive

Plug the Hive in and connect to Internet via Wifi or Ethernet.
Gif of butlr sensor connecting
Set up as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
Mount Heatic Sensor
As easy as hanging a picture frame. No cabling, no site visits.
Gif showing the butlr sensor
Set up as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Access Spatial Insights

Head count, occupancy data available via cloud dashboard or API.

Why Butlr

Rich space utilization and activity data

Occupancy, Headcount, Temperature and Activity. Real-time or historical. Accessible via dashboard or API.

The industry’s lowest total cost of ownership

90% lower than legacy alternatives. 100% wireless sensors means no expensive installations. Multi-year battery life

Capture spatial data in minutes

No cabling, no site surveys, no installers needed. If you can hang a picture frame, you can install our sensors.

Private by design, real time and accurate

You usually have to trade off at least one dimension. Not with Butlr. All we sense is body heat. We go where cameras cannot and should not go.
Heatic Hardware

Introducing Heatic the breakthrough wireless motion sensing platform.

Butlr's sensor in a white background
Thermometer icon

95+% accuracy, indoor coordinate accuracy at +/- 30 cm, surface temperature reading at +/- 0.5 C.

Icon representing discretion
Private by design

Our GDPR-compliant Heatic sensors use body heat to detect presence. We go where cameras can’t go. PII not possible.

Wireless icon

Our magnetically mounted sensors run on a 2+ year battery life. No need for expensive cabling and complicated networking equipment on site.

Icon to represent "real time"

With an update rate up to 7 fps, Heatic sensors provide real-time information in addition to historical data.

Icon to represent scalability

Installs in minutes. Each Heatic sensor can cover up to 200 square feet depending on ceiling height.

Icon to represent extensibility

Systems integrators and developers can use our open APIs to integrate Heatic data into third party applications.

Sun icon

No wearables needed. Our line of sight based sensors operate in all lighting conditions save direct sunlight.

Clock icon
AI Learning

From AI learning energy-conserving patterns, to cloud updates with the latest features and upgrades, Heatic sensors are smart and getting smarter.

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Heatic API

Our core API returns people count, occupancy, location and temperature data via JSON or REST.

Space Designer
Easily design your space via a drag and drop interface to determine sensor placement and coverage. Available on Mac OS and Windows.
A cloud-based interface to understand traffic flow for your spaces.
Room occupancy
An application for tablet or E-ink to display real-time restroom stall or conference room occupancy.
Corporate real estate

Ensure a safe, data-driven, return to office experience.

Use spatial utilization data for better planning and pricing decisions, to streamline operations and foster a better workplace experience.

Senior Living & Wellness

Non-intrusive, continuous monitoring while preserving privacy.

Whether aging in place or at a facility, achieve peace of mind for the circle of care by understanding movement and unusual activity.

Retail Spaces

People counting reinvented.

Improve shoppers’ experience via real time display of store, fitting room and restroom occupancy. Optimize store operations and ensure safe store re-opening with historical location analytics including people count, dwell time and shopper trajectories.

Built Environment

Privacy-first people counting for public spaces.

Understand footfall in real-time and replay historical data on demand. Utilize actual usage for more efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Butlr Starter Kit

A kit that has everything you need to test the Heatic People Sensing Platform.

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