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Our technology promises 95+% accuracy, indoor coordinate accuracy at +/- 30 cm, surface temperature reading at +/- 0.5 C.
Real time
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With an update rate up to 10 fps, Heatic sensors provide real-time information in addition to historical data.
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Our magnetically mounted sensors run on an 18-month battery life. No need for expensive cabling and complicated networking.
Heatic sensor
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Butlr’s Heatic sensor is a wireless, battery-powered thermal sensor that captures human behavior and movement.

Our sensors capture only low-resolution, thermal data. This data is inherently non-identifying and non-invasive. Our sensor is physically incapable of capturing any visible-light image, video, audio or any other form of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
146.5mm x 73mm x 39.5mm
60 degrees
Tape mounting or screw mounting base plate.
Sensor magnetic attachment to metal base plate.
Height and sampling
Complimentary to active subscription
Mounting Height Range
2m to 3.2m
Height Tolerance
10 cm
Sampling rate
3 fps - 8 fps
Battery powered
Our recycable battery lasts between 18-24 months depending on the sensor mode and frames per second. It runs on 3.6v D Lithium thionyl chloride batteries.
Same sensor
Different modes
Traffic Mode
Data & Insights
Primary Data
Total In / Total Out
Secondary Data
Building / Floor-level occupancy
5 Frames Per Second (fps)
Traffic over a given period of time (ie. total in/out for past 7 days)
Spatial Level
Entryways for headcount.
Corridors for flow.
Traffic patterns:
How busy is a room?
Which entries are used more often?
Presence Mode
Data & Insights
Primary Data
Occupancy, Detection Coordinates
Secondary Data
Occupancy Trends
Dwell Time
Activity Intensity
3 Frames per Second (fps)
Live detections at a given point in time
(ie. total detections now, or at this time last week).
Spatial Level
Single sensor
Combines data from multiple sensors in one room
Wall mount
The wall mount, angled for wall and threshold mounting, attaches via screws or adhesive and magnetically mates to the back of the sensor.
For more permanent installations, our sensors can be securely installed by screwing their plate into the surface of your liking.
Magnetic add-on
Have a dropped ceiling with a metal grid that you can absolutely not screw anything in? With the Magnetic Add-On that attaches on both our Mounts you can now magnetically attach any sensor anywhere!
Flat mount
The flat mount attaches to ceilings via screws or adhesive and magnetically mates to the back of the sensor. You can now just peel and stick your sensor anywhere you want.
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The Hive is the base station of our system. It is AC-powered and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, ethernet or external USB dongle. Sensors connect to the Hive wirelessly.
Power source
120-240 V AC Wall Power
Power Supply
5.1 V DC
Operating Temperature Range
-20°C to 85°C
Operating R.H. Range
0% to 95%
Complimentary to active subscription
I/O Support
Touch Screen USB3
Configuration Interface
4” Touch Screen
Data Interfaces
Butlr API
Network Connection
WiFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Overall Length
110mm - OD 10mm
Build your network
For the best performance, each Hive can connect to up to 12 Heatic Sensors, detecting indefinite amount of objects located in covered area. With the right amount of Hives and Heatic Sensors, your Network can extend indefinitely in indoor spaces.
Designed in California
Tested in Cambridge
Delivered to you
Our technology was born in our own labs in Silicon Valley, CA and Cambridge, MA. All of our products are designed in-house giving our team total control over the performance of the system. Our extended network of colleagues, partners and collaborators in Europe and Asia work across time zones towards building a truly global product.
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