What we believe in

The Butlr Principles

We're on a mission to make the built environment people-aware. By so doing, we'll have smarter, healthier buildings to enable us to live richer, more productive lives. We'll achieve our mission by building a world-class team united by a set of core beliefs.



From our MIT and Berkeley roots to our recognition as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, we pride ourselves on seeking innovative solutions to thorny problems. Innovation is often synonymous with simplicity. We thus strive to simplify, to approach hard problems via first principles, to not be afraid to challenge convention.


Get stuff done

We are thinkers and dreamers but, above all, we are builders. Innovation is just theory if nothing gets done. We work at pace and are not afraid to hustle to deliver quality work on time and on scope. We are driven by the end result and we celebrate the realized.


Low egos

We wouldn’t be the team we are today if we let our egos get in the way. We grow when our teammates grow and blossom next to us. It's why we feel safe in mindfully giving and receiving feedback. We collaborate with one another towards our shared mission. We give up our legos and always play the ball, not the person.


Ownership & Accountability

We believe in acting and thinking like owners, proactively owning our work and not hesitating to pitch in elsewhere when the team needs it. We also believe in being held accountable for our work, and using any shortfalls as learning opportunities to improve ourselves.



Excellence lies beyond simply executing a task in the optimal way. Having good judgement when making compromises, noticing where there's opportunity to improve, and always striving for the best is what we believe constitutes excellence—and everyday we show up with this in mind.



We believe that the only constant is change and that we need to constantly be evolving ourselves accordingly. We strive to adopt a growth mindset, to always be learning, to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and to handle change and ambiguity in stride.

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