Senior living,
no matter where.

Senior Living and Home Health

Whether aging in place or at a facility, achieve peace of mind for the circle of care by understanding movement and unusual activity.

Real time
activity sensing

Minimum equipment

No wristbands, no wearables, no cameras. Butlr’s Heatic sensors enable remote activity sensing to track wellness, comfort and safety.

Frailty analytics and prevention

Our sensors install in minutes. No need for construction permits, site walkthroughs or expensive installers. Anyone can install Butlr’s People Sensing Platform, anywhere.

Trust that is earned.

The Butlr team has built an integrated and elegant hardware-software solution to collect data in any space without compromising privacy. Their first application in senior care facilities is the perfect demonstration of the potential of their low-cost yet highly valuable people-centric approach.

Scott Belsky
Founder of Behance

Butlr's Technology is light years more advanced than other solutions on the market.

Serge Le Faucheur
President, IDP SANTÉ
What Drives Us

and empathy.

We go where cameras cannot and should not go. Butlr captures only low-resolution, thermal data that are inherently non-identifying and non-sensitive.

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