Butlr People Sensing Platform
Anonymous spatial intelligence in real time
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How does the Butlr Platform work?
Digital layout for trajectories
Determine the types of data you need - building occupancy, open areas, desks, traffic counts.
Digital layout for trajectories
Use floorplans and the Butlr Studio to plan sensor locations in your space.
Flexible network for extensible installations. Multiple sensors.
Each sensor takes minutes to commission. Install can be done by your team, Butlr or one of our partners.
Real time trajectories tracking and mapping
Real-time visualizations via the Studio. Historical reporting via the Dashboard. Or ingest the data via our API.
Access your spatial insights and receive real time and historical data within seconds after mounting your sensors.
Occupancy analytics and people counting in the studio
Butlr Studio
Butlr Studio is a desktop and tablet application that enables the user to create a digital twin of their space, plan the layout of their network, test cccupancy and headcount detections, and monitor spatial traffic in real time.
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Historical and real-time occupancy levels dashboard
Butlr Dashboard
The Butlr Dashboard is a web-based app that offers in-depth insights on spatial traffic patterns and real time occupancy levels. Drill in on rooms, zones and spaces across your building or portfolio.
Open Dashboard
Powerful tools for smarter spaces
Entryway traffic UI design with counts
Entryway traffic
Live occupancy measured against occupancy maximums
Space occupancy
Activity heatmaps showing usage patterns of space
Activity heatmaps
Real time and historical path tracing
Path tracing
Heatic hardware
White round lightweight small sensor
Heatic Sensor
Modern design lightweight sensor
Breakthrough wireless sensor using body heat to detect presence, occupancy and activity. Heatic sensors form a low power mesh network and communicate with Hive.
72.5mm x 57.5mm x 51.5mm
60 degree
Tape / Screws / Magnetic
Flat mount component for easy installationWall mount Flat mount component for easy installationMagnetic Flat mount component for easy installation
Red arrow
Red arrow
Modern design hive hardware
Compact gateway device for data backhaul to the cloud via WiFI, Ethernet or LTE. Plugs into AC power.
146.5mm x 73mm x 39.5mm
2.4 GHz wireless mesh network
Ethernet, WiFI, LTE
Red arrow
Red arrow
Heatic hardware
Open API
Occupancy levels, people counting, entrance monitoring
Occupancy data should not live in a walled garden.
The Butlr API hosts real-time and historical people sensing data for your spaces. Our core JSON REST API returns headcount, occupancy, location and temperature data. MQTT is available for real time alerting.
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Butlr Status Page
Access your spatial insights and receive real time and historical data within seconds after mounting your sensors.

Attentive technology
designed to
serve you.


95+% accuracy, indoor coordinate accuracy at +/- 30 cm, surface temperature reading at +/- 0.5 C.

Private by design

Our GDPR-compliant Heatic sensors use body heat to detect presence. We go where cameras can’t go. PII not possible.


Our magnetically mounted sensors run on an 18-month battery life. No need for expensive cabling and complicated networking equipment on site.

real-time data

With an update rate up to 10 fps, Heatic sensors provide real-time information in addition to historical data.

scalable and flexible design

Installs in minutes. One sensor per entryway, one sensor per 4 - 6 desks, one to three sensors per room.

Extensible network that adjusts to each space

Systems integrators and developers can use our open APIs to integrate Heatic data into third party applications.

No wearables needed. Ambient technology

No wearables needed. Our line of sight based sensors operate in all lighting conditions save direct sunlight.

Growth, improvement, constant development
Continuous improvement

From AI learning energy-conserving patterns, to cloud updates with the latest features and upgrades, Heatic sensors are smart and getting smarter.

Open API, integrates with other platforms
Heatic API

Our core API returns people count, occupancy, location and temperature data via REST or MQTT.